S. Vinodkumar Diamonds Pvt. Ltd: Empowering People, Shaping Lives

S. Vinodkumar Diamonds made a modest beginning in the Indian diamond market in 1978 and set the motion with incredible accomplishments that jet-propelled the jeweller around the world. Within a space of a quarter century, pioneers Mr Sumatilal Shah and Mr Vinod Shah created a glittering trajectory of achievements that now span the globe. Their global marketing associates at major diamond hubs like USA, Hong Kong, China, Belgium and Dubai provide services to their most valued and loyal clients making S. Vinodkumar one of the leading exporters of polished diamonds.

All through that long and often arduous journey, their core values of consistency and excellence keeps their reputation aloft. Now, the younger generation is forging new vigour, professionalism and flexibility in the organization, which, coupled with experience and expertise, has strengthened the company from its root upwards.

At S. Vinodkumar, each division functions with the same ethics as the principal office and this is clearly visible with each area of business being that of strength and recording growth year-onyear! With a combination of having the best sources for rough diamonds and the ability to achieve sales of polished diamonds and finished jewellery at the highest possible downstream level, they are the destination that the customers look out for.

CSR Initiatives

The management believes that profits earned from the business are futile, unless a substantial part of it is reinvested to uplift the underprivileged and marginalized segment of the society. It gives a sense of satisfaction when its efforts to empower people in education and healthcare shape into a meaningful cause.

Funding charitable clinics: S. Vinodkumar sponsors charitable clinics at Mahidharpura and Katargam, Surat, wherein patients have benefited from these services. Medicines are also provided at concessional rates at these clinics.

Sponsoring computer classes: They sponsor computer classes for students in Surat, wherein teachers take classes for various courses to help them get skilled and find suitable jobs.

S. Vinodkumar sponsors charitable clinics wherein patients have benefited from these services
Promoting education is one of the key initiatives of S. Vinodkumar

Providing education: They regularly conduct educational schemes to enable children from the underprivileged section to access good quality education and help them build successful career in life. About 500 students benefit every year by various initiatives taken by the group.

Building a cattle camp: The group has made substantial contribution for building a cattle camp at Deesa, Gujarat. Buildings and shades have been constructed where sick and old cattle are medically treated and nurtured.

Constructing a dharamshala at Palitana: A dharamshala (pilgrimage place for Jains) has been constructed at Palitana, Gujarat. It has 34 rooms and four halls with a canteen. Thousands of devotees come to Palitana seeking divine intervention and peace.

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