Serenading Pink & Multicolour Sapphires in Mughal Silhouettes

Gem Plaza, Jaipur, has carved a niche for itself in the coloured jewellery segment. Their deft use of gemstones set in unique designs ensures that each piece is enticing and droolworthy. Sakhil Dhadda, Director, Gem Plaza, talks about unveiling a pleasing palette of jewellery dressed up with pink and multicolour sapphires.

What will you showcase at IIJS Signature 2022?

We are working on different colour palettes and have used a lot of pink and multicolour sapphires in our new collection. Rubies and emeralds will always be in demand, but we have noticed that everybody is willing to try something new. Clients come to us for our one-of-akind designs, and we always try to do something different and creative.

Will this be a pret or bridal line?

We do both. On the wholesale side, ready-to-wear pieces account for the bulk of orders because everyone wants more of daily wear pieces at the moment. Retailers are looking at a collection with more pret pieces and a few big ones.

What is the inspiration behind the new collection?

The collection is inspired by Mughal motifs, and while one tends to associate Mughal motifs with emeralds and rubies, we are adding our own spin to it by amalgamating fresh shades of multicolour gemstones.

What is the demand like in the domestic market?

Smaller pieces are doing very well. People also want heavierlooking necklaces at good price points. Anything that we make in the mid-range – from Rs.8 lakh to Rs.20 lakh – sells very fast. A unique piece or an exquisite bridal piece can fetch over Rs.20 lakh.

What is trending in the international market?

Right now, since most of the orders are booked online, big jewellery pieces are not moving. Everyone comes to us for unique pieces that they don’t find anywhere else, as that is our niche.

Is there any product category that is faring well?

Earrings and necklaces are doing very well. In fact, simple, daily wear necklaces are doing better than any other product category.

What are your expectations from the trade show?

We have high hopes from the show. We hope that retailers will come, and if they do, we will do good business.

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