Tantalising Textures Of Gold

(Left) The V-shaped gold necklace begins with a plain crossover gold frame with a copperish tinge followed by circular filigreed motifs. The two-tone pendant bears blooms in antique gold and polki buds set in white gold for contrast. By Ansaa Jewellers Pvt. Ltd  (Below left) Rutilated circular gold earrings draped with floral vines are embellished with diamonds and polkis. By Ansaa Jewellers Pvt. Ltd (Right, Top) Rutilated shell earrings with polished gold buds. By Anand Shah  (Below left) A blend of jaali work and engraved spheres make this kada a statement piece. By Shanti S Seth Jewellers (Right) A medley of hammered scrolls juxtaposed against filigreed motifs of antique finish lend a beauty to this 22-karat choker with various gold tones. The central tanzanite-set motif accentuates the drama further. By CVM

Textures on the precious yellow metal raise the design bar, and this year, too, it is no different. Exhibitors at IIJS Signature 2023 present an attractive range of traditional and modern golden beauties.

Gold has always been putty in the hands of artisans thanks to its malleable and ductile nature, thus allowing them to gratify their creative urge by experimenting with the sacred metal and lending it a tactile feel.

Little wonder then, artisans since ages have enhanced the metal with textures and finishes – be it filigree (metal wirework), granulation, repousse, engraving or thin, hammered sheets bearing raw, grainy, weather-beaten or glossy finish, and more. Modern technology like laser cuts and 3D effects have also aided in creating texturally rich ornaments.

(Top left) The 24-karat necklace is adorned with filigreed square motifs extending into rutilated segments featuring scrolls. The necklace is fringed with ruby beads. By Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd (Bottom left) Graduating scalloped blooms with multi-layered petals are the mainstay of this choker crafted in 22-karat gold with an antique touch, ending with a fringe of gold tassels. The various textures add three-dimensional depth to the piece. By Manoj Ornaments (Centre) Geometric pendant earrings studded with gemstones and pearls enhanced with engravings. By S K Seth Jewellers (Far right)22-karat gold bangle inlaid with rubies and pearls features intricate gold textures to give it a raw feel. By Dassani Brothers
(Top) Three-row 22-karat gold necklace composed of bells engraved with overlapping leaves accented with pearls and polkis pays a rich tribute to the ancient handcrafting skills of Indian artisans. By Emerald Jewel Industry Pvt. Ltd  (Bottom) The beautiful 22-karat gold necklace is lined with engraved plaques suspended from filigreed motifs. Each plaque is alternated with a gem-studded floret with a loop. By S K Seth Jewellers
(Top) The textured maang tikka is decorated with lustrous pearls. By Emerald Jewel Industry Pvt. Ltd (Left) The spellbinding choker is designed with geometric motifs rendered with filigreed wires and textured gold centered on bezel-set emerald drops. The motifs are joined with polki-set flowers suspending pearl and emerald beads. By CVM (Right) The antique-finish neck piece is layered with shells that bear wavy textures. Each large shell is bordered with filigreed wires and dotted with diamond florets. By Anand Shah (Centre) Geometric earrings with scrolls suspended from filigreed posts set with polkis. The dense ruby fringe adds charm to the pair of earrings, and the four-petalled ring with scaly leaves foucuses on a polki floret. By Emerald Jewel Industry Pvt. Ltd
(Top right) The two-tone fancy necklace resembles a tasselled fabric created with hi-technology. By Manoj Ornaments (Left) Multi-tone lightweight gold necklace dotted with openwork florets with high gloss finish. By Swarnshilp Chains & Jewellers Pvt. Ltd (Right) The laser-cut leafy gold bangle with 3D effect are perfect for an evening do. By Swarnshilp Chains & Jewellers Pvt. Ltd

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