Romancing The Rose Cut

(Extreme right) The white and yellow gold necklace suspends an arresting pendant with a pear-shaped rose cut diamond flanked by pearls, baguette and round diamonds, and fringed with specially-cut diamond tassels suspending large pearl drops. The three-row lacy necklace is embellished with pearls, diamonds and rose cuts. By Moksh Fine Unseen Jewels (Tanvirkumar & Co) (Above right) The faceted pear-shaped rose cuts are the focus of attention in the stylised winged gold ear studs. Each curvy flare is decked with round brilliant-cut diamonds, and dotted with bezel-set solitaires. By A’star Jewellery (Top right) The delicate white gold bracelet is made up of circular pearl and rose cut motifs that spell modern ethnicity. By Moksh Fine Unseen Jewels (Tanvirkumar & Co) (Top left) The petalous white gold necklace composed with rose cuts is arranged with tiered blooms with matching ear studs. By Tara Fine Jewels (Below left) A stunning assortment of irregularly cut rose cuts form the petals of this gold ring centred on a round rose cut encircled by two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds. By A’star Jewellery

Riding on the resurgence of classic, vintage fashion, rose cuts are in the limelight again, and are enjoying a huge comeback! The translucent and dewy rose cuts exude a calm elegance, with almost haikuesque simplicity.
Solitaire International celebrates the versatility of rose-cut diamonds framed in exciting, new-age gold silhouettes showcased by exhibitors at IIJS Signature 2023.

The 1500s saw the birth of rose cuts and the diamonds of this shape were popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Rose cuts bearing large facets were hand crafted and were meant to glow under dim light. This vintage cut got its name due to its resemblance to the rose – featuring a flat back, the number of facets converging into a dome mimicking the rose bud unfolding into a bloom.

The most famous rose-cut diamond of all time is the Koh-i-Noor, though the diamond was later reshaped into an oval brilliant-cut gemstone. With the rise of the brilliant-cut diamonds, rose cuts became a thing of past.

But the trend has come full circle, and rose cuts are once again the flavour of the season, mostly because of their shape and weight, and of course, their understated sophistication. Today, other than rounds, rose cuts are also available in oval, pear, and marquise shapes.

(Right) The eye-catching ear studs are designed as petalled blooms using dewy rose cuts accented with tiny dots of rubies. By House Of Sparsh (Left) The flowery ear studs are fashioned with translucent rose cut petals, each centered on a large, faceted ruby encircled with smaller rose cut petals. By Tara Fine Jewels (Centre) The white gold station bracelet is arranged with circular motifs of rubies and rose cuts with a surround of round diamonds, alternated with scalloped florets of rose cuts. By Moksh Fine Unseen Jewels (Tanvirkumar & Co) (Top left) The broad white gold bracelet is embellished with a carpet of rose cuts. By Tara Fine Jewels
(Left) The grand V-shaped necklace designed as a canvas of dense floral vines is adorned with rose cuts and round cuts ending with an emerald drop. By K P Sanghvi Jewels Pvt. Ltd (Right) The nature-inspired girandole earrings feature rose cut floral stems terminating with emerald flowers fringed with rose cut petals. By Anand Ranawat (Top right) The white gold ear studs are shaped as full blooms embellished with rose cuts and highlighted with cabochon tanzanites. By House Of Sparsh
(Right) An arresting white gold necklace of rose cut buds, flares out as rows of linear rose cut floral strands, with every alternate row featuring motifs decorated with specially cut emeralds. By Anand Ranawat (Above right) Emerald earrings set in white gold enriched with floral vines of rose cuts and brilliant-cut diamonds. By Anand Ranawat (Left) The curvaceous white gold earrings are designed as a burst of rose-cut flowery creepers suspending emerald drops. By K P Sanghvi Jewels Pvt. Ltd
(Right) The magnificent white gold necklace is laced with specially cut large Russian emeralds, each surrounded by curvy flowers embellished with rose cuts and round brilliant-cut diamonds and juxtaposed with hints of black rhodium finished diamond vines. By Anand Ranawat (Above) The fine pair of earrings focus on heart-shaped tanzanites, embellished with rose cuts, yellow diamonds and briolettes. By Tara Fine Jewels (Left) Rose cuts add a subtle glamour to these two slim, single-line bracelets in white gold. The first one is composed of open rose cut blooms and the other features stylised scalloped rose cut florets bordered with round diamonds. By Tara Fine Jewels
(Top) The sinuous floral ring is set with rose cut buds. By A’star Jewellery (Left and right) The floral details of the open broad cuff and the flexible, flat bracelet crafted in yellow gold are speckled with rose cuts, round diamonds, and emeralds. By Ghanshyam Das Kotawala (Foreground) The undulating rose gold bangle is partially topped with a medley of irregular shaped rose cut diamonds. By A’star Jewellery

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