Unveiling Gem Experience: A Journey of Ethical Luxury with Akshit Gokhroo

Gem Experience is tale of tradition, passion, and ethical consciousness, woven intricately into every facet of creation. At the helm of this narrative is AKSHIT GOKHROO, the visionary CEO and Founder of the company.

Akshit’s journey into the world of gemstones commenced in his youth, nurtured by his family’s traditions of collecting and cherishing precious stones. However, it was during his travels across the globe that he encountered diverse cultures and the masterful artistry of skilled artisans, igniting within him a commitment to combine heritage with innovation, which led him to establish Gem Experience.

Each creation under the brand is a fusion of artistry, precision, and cultural richness, underscored by responsibly sourced materials.

Beyond his familial heritage, Akshit’s educational pursuits in business management endowed him with a multifaceted skill set, merging academic prowess with real-world insights. His quest for knowledge helped him go beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing courses in jewellery craftsmanship, mining practices, and marketing strategies.


During his tenure at a Tanzania gemstone sourcing house, he obtained invaluable insights into the intricacies of stone procurement and historical nuances. The experience enriched his understanding of gemstone history and deepened his appreciation for the kaleidoscope of coloured stones.

Today, Gem Experience promotes ethical luxury, rooted in the heart of East Africa, with operational hubs in Arusha in Tanzania, Dubai, and Jaipur. The company continues to redefine the contours of the luxury jewellery landscape, setting new standards of conscientious craftsmanship.

Gem Experience’s Signature

Staying true to its name, Gem Experience is dedicated to curating experiences that bring individuality to the fore and allow you to immerse in the true essence of wearing coloured gems that become invaluable possessions, cherished gifts, collectors’ gems, or simply treasures indulged upon oneself. The gemstones become timeless heirlooms that tell stories across generations and serve as symbols of enduring love and commitment, encapsulating the bond between past, present, and future. GE’s designs seamlessly fuse modern aesthetics with the timeless charm of gemstones, providing a special experience that brings out emotions, embodies exclusivity, and celebrates individuality.

The Meditrove necklace features a stylised chevron pattern studded with 200 round flawless diamonds totalling 11 carats suspending 25 octagon pink spinels weighing 14.39 carats. The soft, feminine necklace ends with a 9.11-carat aquamarine gem at the heart of its design. By Gem Experience

In close collaboration with the in-house design team, GE’s skilled Tanzanian artisans use techniques that elevate each piece to exceptional craftsmanship. This direct connection from the source to the market assures customers receive an authentic and unadulterated gemstone experience.

Social Responsibility & Creative Ethos

As the CEO of Gem Experience, Akshit is equally passionate about his social responsibilities. He mandates the practice of ethical mining, ensuring safety, fair wages, and equality to all individuals involved with a zero-tolerance policy for illegal practices.

Akshit has woven the extraordinary jewellery created by Maasai women from the rural areas of Arusha into the fabric of the company’s vision. He is devoted to championing their traditional craft to empower these artisans to share their beautifully intricate jewellery with the world.

Bringing to life the drama of a flock of flamingos within the tranquil Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranea necklace glistens with diamonds amidst a sea of pink spinels. By Gem Experience

Gem Experience boasts an impressive collection of jewellery that avails the beauty of rare gems such as tanzanite, tsavorite, pink spinel, aquamarine, and rhodolite, and other East African gems.

The brand recently launched the Haute Joaillerie Collection called Nature’s Serenity that celebrates Tanzania’s untamed beauty. The line combines the wild, dense forest with the serene, enigmatic Mediterranean, creating a perfect balance of contemporary flair and the charm of distant lands. Realised as two distinctive chapters of Mediterranea and Forest Crown, the first chapter encapsulates the creations of Eternal Wave, Meditrove, Dewfall, and Mediterranea, while the second chapters include the designs of Helix, Royal Starling, and the Forest’s Crown.

The Helix necklace is an exquisite union of simplistic design and the savoir-faire of tanzanite, reflective of the night sky deepening into shades of purples and blues. By Gem Experience

Retail Model

Gem Experience operates on a distinctive retail model catering to customers who possess a discerning taste for rare gemstone jewellery and value the educational aspect of the purchasing process.

Rather than focusing solely on selling jewellery pieces, Gem Experience seeks to engage with clients who are eager to learn about the unique qualities of rare gems and jewellery craftsmanship. A dedicated stylist assists customers in selecting jewellery pieces that align with their distinctive tastes and preferences, emphasising individuality and personal expression and ensuring an intimate and tailored experience.

The Dewfall, featuring an aquamarine drop suspending from a diamond-studded necklace, pays tribute to the fleeting moments of nature’s purity and peace. By Gem Experience

Trend Directions

According to Akshit, green emerges as the prominent colour choice for this season, embodying elegance and vitality. Sleek and chic silhouettes dominate, favouring minimalism over heavy jewellery. Designs that evoke boldness and power through this minimalism, empowering wearers to exude confidence and femininity … he believes that the focus remains on clean yet high-end designs.

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