We’ve Unveiled Exclusive Platinum Lines For IIJS Tritiya: Kamlesh Pokharna

Kamlesh Pokharna, Director & Founder, Dishaa -The Platinum Hub, talks about the exponential rise in platinum jewellery sales, especially in the men’s segment.

Tell us about your company and area of specialisation.

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of exclusive platinum jewellery. We are one of the most preferred B2B platinum and gold jewellery companies, and cater to over 1,000 retailers across India and abroad.

What are your expectations for IIJS Tritiya 2023?

We are ready for the much awaited IIJS Tritiya 2023 to set a benchmark in the southern region with our expertise and exclusive collections in platinum jewellery

Describe your current product line-up for the show, and how would you cater to the southern region?

Our current product line-up for the show consists of a wide range and variety for all age groups. Jewellery for the newborn babies, teenagers and exclusive delicate lightweight platinum jewellery for women and smart and trendy designs for men.

At Dishaa, we have an exclusive range of mangalsutras under the sub-brand Bandhan, for working women that blends traditions to uphold the Indian culture yet makes a style statement.

Regarding the southern region, it is always ready to adopt new jewellery designs and ideas and the region is known for the highest consumption of gold and platinum jewellery.

Have the prices of platinum remained stable in the last year? Are you witnessing a rise in platinum jewellery sales? If yes, from which regions of India? What are the common price points that consumers are opting for?

Platinum prices were not fluctuating due to its increase in demand and the geopolitical affairs on the global stage.

We are witnessing the rise of platinum jewellery sales mostly in the southern and western regions of India.

Customers are also aware that even if platinum prices rise, they are still lower than gold rates. So, we are seeing good conversions in our category, and generally the average price points of jewellery that’s selling is between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 25000. However, we are also seeing a lot of traction in the high-end platinum jewellery segment.

Are you also into men’s jewellery? If yes, tell us about the growth trajectory in this category? Have you made any innovative products, too, like smart jewellery with platinum for men?

We have seen fantastic growth in the men’s platinum jewellery segment. We have a wide range for today’s modern man, and the inventory consists of rings, chains, kadas, bracelets or accessories like frames, cufflinks, tie pins or collar bars, etc. Single button in platinum jewellery for men was the innovation of Dishaa along with collar bars & brooches.

How do you foresee jewellery retail demand in India and overseas during the rest of the year?

As per the world economy, India is a shining star and we may see a gradual growth ahead for gold & platinum jewellery during the year. As for the international scenario, the recently concluded Hong Kong Jewellery show offered all of us a ray of hope that we are heading towards good times.

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