Zambian Emeralds, The G-Factor & Sustainability For A Finite Resource

Richa Goyal Sikri conducts a video interview with Sean Gilbertson, CEO, Gemfields for Solitaire International

Geologically speaking, Zambian emeralds are 500 million years old. But they were only discovered in the late seventies when a public-private partnership laid the foundation for what is today the world’s largest emerald mine: Kagem, a joint-venture between GEMFIELDS and the Zambian government. 95% of rough Zambian emeralds are cut and polished in Jaipur, India, representing 54% of the coloured gemstone sector. Our international correspondent, Richa Goyal Sikri, catches up with Sean Gilbertson, CEO, GEMFIELDS, to ask some tough questions related to emerald supply and demand during the pandemic, the company’s latest announcement, and whether a finite resource can be sustainable.

Part 1
Part 2
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