Alrosa Diamond Sales +49% To $4.16 Billion In 2021; Inventories At Rock Bottom

Alrosa sales of rough and polished diamonds in 2021 rose 49% compared to 2020 (and +25% versus 2019) to $4.169 billion, including proceeds from rough diamond sales of $3.97 billion, and polished diamond sales of $192 million.

Evgeny Agureev, Deputy CEO of Alrosa, commented, “Today, we are proud to present strong rough diamond sales results for 12M 2021. According to preliminary estimates, they exceeded 2020 levels by 50%, and compared to 2019, the growth rate was 21%. This was driven by recovering demand for diamond jewellery in the key consumer markets in North America and Asia.

“Amid strong demand, December sales dynamics result from the high base effect of December 2020, when sales primarily came from our stocks, as well as from the trading session shift towards the end of the month with sales partly moving to January 2022. To reiterate, our inventories remain at rock bottom since mid-2021. We are generally positive about future demand for rough diamonds, given low stocks in the diamond pipeline and continued high demand from jewellery consumers.”

Alrosa recorded its lowest monthly sales total in December last year, in which rough and polished diamond sales accounted for $254 million, including $241 million of rough diamond sales and $12 million of polished.

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