Bridal Brilliance

Exuding elegance and luxury, opulent necklaces epitomize timeless adornments perfectly suited for brides on their special day. Meticulously crafted from flawless diamonds, lustrous pearls, and resplendent gemstones, these intricate designs evoke a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Whether it’s the regal allure of classic chokers or the graceful cascade of statement pieces adorning the décolletage, these dressy necklaces infuse every moment with a touch of majestic glamour.

The curvaceous white gold necklace is fashioned with 17 carats of Fancy Yellow diamonds and 29 carats of fancy-shaped white diamonds. By ANAN JEWELS
Densely populated with stylised stemmed flowers, this graduating choker in gold is garnished with diamonds. A pear-shaped emerald in the centre decorated with a diamond flower adds a pop of colour. By Midas Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.
A magnificent bridal suite featuring diamond-studded rows decorated with graduating diamond and yellow diamond blooms. By MANOJ ORNAMENTS
An arresting open-setting nature-inspired choker featuring inlay work of Zambian emeralds and diamonds in trefoil motifs. By GHATIWALA JEWELLERS
The five-row emerald necklace is interspersed with cute diamond-studded elephants. The central pendant is enriched with baroque pearls, polkis, and pastel colour gemstones. By HOUSE OF SPARSH
The lacy, delicate 18-karat gold necklace is set with a large Colombian emerald framed with baguette diamonds. The necklace is adorned with baroque motifs decorated with full-cut diamonds and laced with pearls. By BIRDHICHAND GHANSHYAMDAS JEWELLERS

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