Earrings for the Modern Soul

Earrings whether contemporary or traditional possess an irresistible allure that goes beyond fashion. The contemporary earrings with a cutting-edge style, effortlessly complement any ensemble; and the ones with the traditional slant are more than just accessories, cherished symbols of cultural history. These adornments embody the best of both worlds.

Spiral white gold earrings suffused with diamonds embellished with oval emeralds and two pear-shaped tanzanites. By WONDERCUTS


The 18-karat handcrafted bird ear studs are decorated with ravishing rubies and polkis. By HARITSONS DESIGNS PVT. LTD.
The double pendant white gold earrings are prettified with Fancy Yellow diamonds totalling 6 carats and white diamonds weighing 11 carats. By ANAN JEWELS
The white gold ear studs designed as swirls is studded with marquise-cut diamonds with round diamonds. The earrings are dotted by large luminous pearls. By MANISHA & SAURABH MODY
The gold pendant earrings evoke a sense of Victorian style. Intricate diamond-studded patterns hold bezel-set oval polkis. Adding a feminine touch to it are the pinkish rubies and pearls. By GEETA SHYAM JEWELLERS
The girandole earrings resembling a dreamcatcher are encrusted with rose cuts suspend taweez-shaped emeralds. By GHATIWALA JEWELLERS
The rose gold earrings are patterned with intersecting sem-circular diamond-studded motifs. By GEHNA
The nature-inspired earrings in 18-karat gold showcase graceful flamingos perched on gem-studded blooms. By HOUSE OF SPARSH


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