“Brides Are More Accepting Of Silver Jewellery For Ceremonies”

Anita Dhingra, Founder, Manmohan Exports, Jaipur, speaks about the rise in popularity of silver bridal jewellery.

Anita Dhingra, Founder

Tell us about the jewellery collections that you will be presenting. What is the product design best suited for current consumer demand?

There’s a growing trend towards opting for silver, thanks to the pandemic and massive increase in gold prices. We believe the show will be successful for manufacturers who will offer unique designs and value for money. As gold is getting out of reach for so many people, this will boost silver jewellery sales, since it is affordable yet precious.

Are you targeting the bridal jewellery (and/or bridal gifting) segment? If yes, please elaborate on the conceptualisation/product details.

Yes, we specialise in silver bridal jewellery and constantly evolve ourselves with the newest innovations possible. We cater to clients around 2000+ brides a year and specialise in bespoke bridal jewellery.

Will you be offering lightweight jewellery? If yes, could you kindly provide technical details on the technology/methods used to reduce the precious metal weight.

All our silver jewellery is designed keeping the consumer in mind, since brides are already overwhelmed with all the extra weight of clothing and accessories on their wedding day. We offer lightweight jewellery that is big in form. We constantly work on making our jewellery lighter and wearable.

Could you describe the trends in silver jewellery at present (domestic/ international)?

The trend for silver jewellery is very positive across the globe. We cater to both domestic and international markets and have noticed a rise in demand which was not seen pre-covid. Consumers are more accepting of silver jewellery now for weddings, functions etc. Buyers have started looking at silver as an investment.

How are you addressing the jewellery preferences of Millennials and Gen Z?

We make a lot of designs that are delicate, lightweight and small for today’s generation. We have our entire division working on products that resonate with Gen Z. We aspire to cater to women for an entire lifetime and constantly work with that purpose in mind.

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