Covid-19 Outbreak Halts Gahcho Kué Production

An outbreak of Covid-19 at the Gahcho Kue mine site has resulted in the temporary suspension of production-related activities, De Beers and Mountain Province informed. At present, six positive cases have been identified and the management team is assessing the situation and working actively to contain the outbreak to ensure it does not spread further or into the community. 

All affected individuals and their close contacts have been quarantined.  All individuals are feeling well. Essential activities such as water management, power generation, catering and employee care are being maintained to keep the camp and the mine safe during this assessment period.

The company will provide further information related to resumption of production when it is known. “At the moment, our full focus is on keeping all our employees and contractors safe and ensuring those affected by the virus remain in good health and receive the appropriate care,” Mountain Province said.

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