Enter the Dragon

Jewel couturier Pallavi Foley’s latest collection, comes at a time when the sales of dragon-inspired jewellery has been skyrocketing following the success of video-on-demand shows like ‘The Game of Thrones’ and ‘House of the Dragon’.

From being an omnipotent totem in Oriental mythology, to a Feng Shui fixation that will align your chi instantly, the demand for dragon-themed jewellery has sky-rocketed since its depiction in shows like ‘House of the Dragon’ and new ‘The Game of Thrones’ prequel. Capitalising on the spirit animal’s pop culture moment, Bengaluru-based haute joallerie couturier Pallavi Foley reiterates the talisman in her own signature statement, offering Solitaire International an exclusive preview to the Hera Dragon, a standalone necklace, which will culminate into an entire collection of dragon necklaces.

Pallavi Foley

Tell us more about dragon symbolism?

When I was little, my aunt would tell me a story about a dragon who used to help a village light their bonfires for cooking, irrespective of whether they reciprocated its generosity. Eventually, they came to understand the creature better and were able to look beyond its terrifying appearance.

Then of course, the fairy tale about the damsel-in-distress who was imprisoned against her will in a dark tower. While no knight in shining armour came to her aid, a dragon swiftly rescued her and flew her back to her palace.

To me, the dragon represents our inner magical strength, and it comes to us when we believe in ourselves, and we face our most difficult challenges head on. It is a process of continually shedding emotional snakeskin and evolving into invincible versions of our selves.

Part of the necklace strung with baroque pearls.

What inspired you to create this objet d’art?

Fast forward to a few months ago … a noted industrialist wanted a necklace crafted for his wife, inspired by the dragon. The Hera Dragon simultaneously pays homage to the Greek goddess of matrimony, who stood her ground through some very testing celestial battles, much like every other Indian woman.

What gems and noble metals translate into this creation?

Here, the design palette constitutes of flawless diamonds, raw untreated emeralds, freshwater, baroque, asymmetrical pearls – all united by 18-karat gold, for the finish.

Are you planning on expanding this standalone piece into a collection?

Certainly! Just like my “Wear Your Prayer” egg collection started off with the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ as inspiration, and then combusted into prayers from many world religions, I do think my firstborn dragon needs a few siblings.

The Hera Dragon represents maternal protection. In the coming months, she will be joined by the dragon of love, the dragon of mystery, the dragon of creativity, the dragon of strength, the dragon of fantasy, and so on.

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