GEMSTONE SPOTLIGHT – Magnificent unheated sapphire of nearly 50 carats, new to market, offered in Geneva

An exceptional newly mined and responsibly sourced, unheated cushion-cut Sri Lankan sapphire weighing nearly 50 carats is now being offered in Geneva.

The sapphire, extracted from a rough stone weighing 140 carats from the renowned Elahera region in central Sri Lanka, celebrated for its Kashmir-type stones, is available via digital trading platform Gembridge’s Geneva Ambassador Elke Berr of Berr & Partners, Geneva.

“This is a magnificent sapphire with no indications of heating, whose journey has been fully tracked from the mine,” Elke Berr said, speaking on the sidelines of the GemGenève show (November 4-7, 2021) taking place just before the Christie’s and Sotheby’s magnificent jewels auctions (November 9-10, 2021), a series of events which are attracting top gemstone buyers from around the world to the Swiss city.

“The stone has excellent brilliance and cut, and a very lively open colour.”

Helen Molesworth, Gembridge’s Geneva-based Head of Business Development, said: “This remarkable sapphire comes from a region known for yielding stones of exceptional colour. Few stones are coming out of this area these days.

“The sapphire is responsibly sourced, with a complete chain of custody from mine to market. It is a remarkably clean crystal for its impressive size. A tiny amount of reflective silk brightens the stone further and hints at its origin and untreated quality.”

To enquire about the sapphire, please contact Gembridge’s Geneva ambassador Elke Berr via this link:

This article is republished with permission from Jewellery Outlook, UK.

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