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Sudeep Sethi of YS18, Director, a high-end jewellery brand owned by Intergem Exports, talks about the various jewellery collections that are woven together in a tapestry of coloured gemstones and fancy coloured diamonds.

YS18, a jewellery brand of Intergem Exports, is famous for combining fancy colour diamonds with coloured gemstones to create desirable couture creations.

Mod at heart are the collections that blend the beauty of dewy rose cuts with fancy-cut emeralds in cocktail rings and high-end ear studs. Diamonds and blue sapphires have also been added to embolden the pieces.

“The Morpankhi as the name suggests is inspired by the plume of the peacock. The vivid blue and green colours are articulated with blue sapphires, emeralds, tsavorites and white diamonds. The collection is stylised and can add instant glamour to one’s look,” adds Sethi.

The collection Colour Story infuses vibrancy in the pieces! “We have employed ravishing and deep red to deep pink rubies, rose cuts and diamonds and blue sapphires in super contemporary motifs.”

The Raindrop collection is inspired by the drops hanging on the edge of a windowsill waiting to dissolve into a pool of water. The concept has been re-imagined in rings topped with circular and square patterns filled with blue sapphires, emeralds, pink sapphires and zircon. The dangling single drill white diamonds bordering the motif evoke the magic of the raindrops.

This season, YS18 has created smaller but designer products – especially the floral collection fashioned with blue and pink sapphires and white diamonds.

“We are also famous for using fancy colour diamonds and yes, we are presenting one-off spectacular pieces in white, pink, yellow diamonds in fancy shapes,” Sethi adds.

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