Filigree Jewellery Ideal For Today’s Times

Nitin Agrawal, Partner, Meenakshi Jewellers, Hyderabad, informs about the intense preparations to develop varied bridal collections for the season.

Tell us about your preparations for the first physical IIJS that is being held after nearly two years.

We are very excited to be part of IIJS Premiere. We have been associated with IIJS for more than a decade and with a new location in Bengaluru, we hope it brings new opportunities.

We have been concentrating on new collections set with precious gemstones that are especially presented at the show. We have been in constant touch with retailers across India, and more so from the southern region and encouraging them to visit the show and make it a grand success.

What is the product design best suited for current consumer demand?

IIJS 2021 Bangalore we will be having a wide range of gem-studded ornaments created with the help of various jewellery crafts such as temple jewellery, filigree and antique jewellery. Our product range is extensive and ranges from bridal to lightweight daily wear ornaments. As per the current market situation, I believe that filigreed jewellery would be best suited to complement Western as well traditional attire. Filigree craftsmanship reduces the weight of ornaments drastically, and, in turn, cuts down the product cost. Filigree jewellery is very pleasing to the eye as well.

Are you targeting the bridal jewellery segment?

We have worked extensively on the bridal jewellery collection for the show and on an average around 25% of our collection belong to the bridal jewellery category. Market sentiments indicate that there is a huge demand for bridal jewellery as many of the postponed weddings will now take place … almost 70+ crore population is vaccinated with one dose already, so we believe that this category will be a strong sales driver. Brides love to wear colourful outfits and our ornaments go very well for such occasions. We are expecting and witnessing a very good demand for it.

Will you be offering lightweight jewellery?

We, at Meenakshi Jewellers, are well known for lightweight gem-studded ornaments and our production team is regularly educated to adopt new technologies and techniques to reduce the weight of ornaments, yet retain the strength and aesthetics of the jewellery. Various setting techniques are explored in our complete in-house manufacturing facility which ensures strength and maximum visibility of gemstones in our ornaments.

How are you addressing the jewellery preferences of Millennials and Gen Z?

We are presenting products like spring rings, pendants, bangle bracelets, flexible bracelets, etc., which are fast moving items that are sought by Millennials and Get Z. When it comes to the wedding season of this generation, we have noticed that they stick to the traditional designs and concepts.

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