Sarine Launches Marketing Campaign On Tik-Tok Platform

Sarine Technologies Ltd. launched an innovative marketing campaign on Tik-Tok, featuring bite-size video content to engage and educate today’s consumers about diamond grading, stories and shopping.

The world leader in diamond manufacturing equipment noted that its videos explain the value of diamond technology and digital experiences in a light, humorous way that would appeal to the digital native generation.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said: “Over the past five years, we have spearheaded a digital retail revolution, with innovative digital reports and interactive sales tools such as our ‘Diamond Journey’ traceability and AI-based grading reports. When it comes to making the identity shift to digital as a company, we need to be at the forefront of our rapidly changing digital world. “This new conversation, facilitated by  our ‘Tech-Tok’ style content, strives to create the trust and connection that the diamond industry must cultivate among younger consumers in order to thrive in today’s digital world.”

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