JCK Shows Energise US Jewellery Industry

The JCK Show and Luxury by JCK successfully reunited the jewellery industry with the largest, most comprehensive jewellery trade shows since the pandemic began.

The shows brought a return to successful business and healthy optimism, with order writing and product launches and trend discovery primary focal points of most in attendance.

Spanning 20 different neighborhoods, over 1,200 exhibitors and more than 10,000 qualified buyers gathered, with government-mandated face-coverings, at The Venetian Expo for the JCK Show from 27th-30th August, with GEMS opening a day early on 26th August, and Luxury open by invitation on 24th-26th August.

“Being back at The Venetian with our amazing jewellery community was an incredibly special experience. We thank the industry for coming together, our vendor and retail partners and all our industry friends and supporters under challenging circumstances, and supporting the show including the health and safety measures put in place to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all in attendance,” said Sarin Bachmann, Group Vice President of RX Jewelry Group.

“The showfloor was buzzing with energy as vendors and retailers reconnected with a shared passion for jewellery. Some of our exhibitors noted this was their biggest show in terms of orders in the history of their participation with any show, and we believe that’s an indication of a strong holiday and retail season ahead. The trends spotted also indicated a turn toward optimism in both the jewelry industry and its consumers with bright colours, heart motifs and bold structural elements like chain links some of the favourites seen on the showfloor.”

The top design trends featured at the show included an array of bright colours, meaningful motifs and functional jewellery designed for today’s more casual lifestyles. Happy colours reflected a mood of post-lockdown celebration, especially vibrant blue gems like turquoise and opal, yellow in fancy yellow diamonds, sapphires, and citrine, as well as rainbow multi-colour themes.

Emotionally evocative jewellery was also abundant, especially heart motifs, zodiac, tarot, and initials, all perfect for the personalisation trend in accessories. Pearls continue to enjoy the limelight, driven by the fashion runways.

Convertible jewellery and/or clasp-free jewels align with the more casual nature of modern lifestyles and the ongoing popularity of athleisure wear. Necklaces are making a comeback, both statement and layering options.

While “Zoom-worthy” earrings held strong, in terms of new and unique features seen on the showfloor, paperclip-inspired chains and fringe on earrings and necklaces were a favourite of editors and stylists walking the show.

The machinery and technology section of the show enjoyed significant traffic, indicating the industry’s continued commitment to innovation.

Exhibitors reported strong sales noting that buyers were eager to stock up for the coming holidays. “We had an incredible show, our best ever, and still more proposals to finalise,” said Luxury exhibitor Niveet Nagpal, President of Omi Privé.

“The exhilaration was palpable, and this was absolutely one of our best shows in years! The retailers and vendors rallied to gear up for what many are forecasting to be one of the busiest holiday seasons to come,” stated JCK exhibitor May Samuel, Vice President of Marketing & Design of Midas Chain.

Retailers reported gratitude for the opportunity to safely see jewellery in person. “I am very glad I attended,” said Olivia Cornell, President of Cornell’s Jewelers. “I have been finding it difficult to buy jewellery virtually. Discovering new vendors and reconnecting with my existing partners was extremely valuable. Seeing trends and people in person was also greatly appreciated!”

“There is an energy and reinvigoration that happens at JCK that truly cannot be replicated. We have such a fun and productive experience annually at JCK and Luxury, and this year more than ever! We are so thankful to reconnect with the jewellery industry’s best and brightest to discover all the new designs, trends and of course, celebrate in-person with our partners and friends,” said Alexis Padis, President of Padis Jewelry.

“JCK has proven once again that the show is the destination that brings together the most comprehensive and diverse segments of the jewelry industry and the premier destination for order writing, inspiration, education, networking, and celebration! We look forward to providing more value to our partners and opportunities to stay connected both in-person and digitally throughout the year,” stated Bachmann. JCK announced the dates for the 2022 event onsite, back to its typical summer timeframe and celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the JCK Show. JCK Show will be held at The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas from 10th to 13th June, 2022, with invitation only days for Luxury from 8th-9th June.

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