Riddhi Shah: Born To Shine

Standing out in the crowd has always been Riddhi Shah’s watchword. The award-winning Surat-based jewellery artist has the penchant to surprise her clients with off-beat, ultra-feminine creations. Riddhi, who until recently headed the design team at her father’s firm, BR Designs, has branched out to create her own brand Jewelstories. For her, jewellery designing is an art form that weaves in narratives from life, and are an extension of one’s self.

Riddhi Shah

Based in the biggest diamond hub of the world, Surat, the second-generation jeweller Riddhi Shah’s natural inclination drove her to take up a course in SNDT, Mumbai, where she procured a degree in jewellery designing and manufacturing.

During the course, the 18-year-old was awarded a certificate of excellence from the World Gold Council, making her the youngest jewellery designer to have been honoured.

Subsequently, the talented jewellery artist took on multiple projects for brands like Gili, Sparkle, and Nakshatra. Only after she gained enough experience, did she end up as the head designer in her father’s firm, BR Designs, for the next 17 years. The journey not only involved making jewellery for the top-most firms of the diamond industry, but also for numerous overseas clients. From having her designs worn by international celebrities on the Oscars red carpet, to designing multiple collections over the years for Forevermark, a De Beers brand, Riddhi has left no stone unturned, followed by winning numerous prestigious national awards in the industry.

“With every passing year my skills enhanced, and so did the grandeur of my designs,” she states.

A gold and diamond brooch-cum-pendant sketch accented with baroque pearls
By Jewelstories

The sketch of a gold, pearl and diamond brooch
By Jewelstories

Acclaimed for her soulful and conceptual approach, Riddhi intertwines intricacies of nature with creativity. “Every piece of jewellery for me is an embellishment of timelessness and eternal beauty,” says Riddhi.

After working diligently behind the scenes in the succeeding years, she finally decided, “it was time to mould myself further, and nothing could beat a challenge like working on the forefront.”

A year ago, she started her own brand Jewelstories in Surat with the aim to unleash her creativity and explore her expertise. “Every life, every form, every speck in nature has a story to tell. Embracing these depths of nature defines Jewelstories,” she states.

Riddhi’s jewellery was seen at The Real Cut Season 3 at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2020. And she was among the six jewellery designers who got the opportunity to showcase their creations at the show. “This achievement felt like a jewel in the crown of my achievements,” she exclaims.

Alluring linear gold earrings and pendant garnished with bezel-set diamonds
By Jewelstories
Gold and diamond floral pendant and earrings
By Jewelstories

Her creations for BR Designs were paired with flamboyant silhouettes designed by Shriya Som, which worked as the perfect assemblage that epitomised grace and opulence. 

“The entire experience was priceless where I got the opportunity to demonstrate my aesthetics. It was a big leap for me. Additionally, I was able to learn about other budding designers and their approach to jewellery designing. This international platform helped me make new connections and establish my identity,” she says of the fashion show.

As for making bespoke or customised pieces for her clients, Riddhi believes that “jewellery cannot be simply described with the help of a few adjectives. Making commissioned pieces is like incorporating a lot of stories – experiences and emotions of a client into it. Nevertheless, every piece of customised jewellery beholds more than its exquisite looks, reflecting the client’s personality and her approach to life.”

Textured gold, diamond and gem-set pendant. By Jewelstories

Riddhi constantly seeks inspiration from the natural wonders around her. Every piece has some natural element articulated in her design. “Nature has always fascinated and enchanted me.”

It is no secret that she is partial towards diamonds. “Natural diamonds make for perfect heirlooms. After all, you are flaunting a billion-year-old miracle of nature,” she notes. 

She continues: “I mostly design for millennials. For them, a piece of jewellery is not just an adornment, but it is a part of their personality, an extension of their identity, of who they are. Every piece is designed in such a way that it is bold but at the same time practical to wear.”

Apart from the jewellery designing ideas that keep brewing inside her, Riddhi’s passion also resonates with food. Extending her creativity, her brand @ArtatRs epitomises the idea of edible art. She is raring to go – with more ideas and surprises in store for her customers. Riddhi says that her journey has been enthralling and helped her evolve as a designer. We are eager to see more of her work in the coming days!

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