Tanishq Assists Brides-to-be With Flexible Jewellery Purchase Plan

Titan’s jewellery arm Tanishq has introduced a new purchase plan – Rivaah Aashirwaad – in an effort to assist consumers in buying jewellery for weddings and related occasions. The wedding jewellery purchase plan was unveiled on 1st December with the onset of the Big Wedding Season in India.

Rivaah Aashirwaad gives customers the flexibility to plan their purchase in terms of the quantum, duration and benefits like discounts on making charges.

Speaking on the occasion, Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Ltd., said, “In Indian culture, buying and adorning gold jewellery holds significant importance, especially for weddings. Being India’s most trusted jewellery brand, we appreciate the auspiciousness of gold associated with wedding rituals. All parents want the best for their daughter and the jewellery they give to her for her special wedding day is symbolic of their blessings and eternal love for her.”

Tanishq introduced Rivaah – its dedicated wedding jewellery sub-brand in 2017, to cater to the diverse and varied jewellery needs across communities and regions. “With Rivaah Aashirwaad, we aim to offer the best opportunity to brides and their families to build their wedding trousseau with the finest Tanishq designs, assurance of purity and at competitive prices,” Chawla added.

Caption: Rivaah Aashirwaad by Tanishq

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