Tiffany Reaches $10 Million In Donations to Wildlife Conservation

Tiffany & Co. said it has reached $10 million in total donations to the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) through its Tiffany Save The Wild collection. Since launching in 2017, the collection in its entirety has donated 100% of profits to the WCN, which has provided critical funds for more than 450 on-the-ground conservation projects to protect elephants, lions and rhinos.

The network provides funds for the most trusted, effective programs in the field and has supported a total of 156 grantees in dozens of countries to protect these endangered species.

The funds raised have supported anti-poaching efforts as well as ivory and horn demand reduction initiatives. “Tiffany has had an enduring relationship with nature, which is both the ultimate inspiration for its designers, and the source of the precious materials that give life and form to their iconic collections,” the company said.

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