Virtual Diamond Boutique Creates Modern Selling Experience With Sales Genie

Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB), a jewellery industry technology partner and virtual marketplace, recently launch its new VDB Sales Genie app. An affordable and easy to use selling tool, the app allows sales professionals to engage with browsers longer, giving them undivided attention, creating a unique and personalised experience in or out of the store.

Customisable by retailer, the Sales Genie allows buyers complete control while offering digital inventory from preselected or preferred suppliers with their own desired markup and allowing easy sharing of customer favourites branded with the store logo for personalised service. Retailers can learn more and book an appointment to explore customisation options.

Tanya Nisguretsky, President & CEO of VDB, said, “We designed the VDB Sales Genie as an affordable tool for retailers to sell more inventory no matter where their goods are located and no matter where the customer requests come up. The Sales Genie can be thought of like a digital vault, expanding a retailer’s merchandise beyond anything they could afford and giving them instant access to inventory beyond that of their competitors.”

Designed by industry veterans, the VDB Sales Genie allows jewelry sales professionals to qualify and educate their customers and pinpoint exactly what they want. It also facilitates selling on the go, even outside of the store.

The VDB Sales Genie app can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, allowing the salesperson to search for options side by side with their customer. In addition to standard search parameters, users can also filter by preferred supplier and grading lab. Each search result yields pages of high-resolution images and videos for an up-close, detailed look at the pieces. Once the customer chooses their favourites, the salesperson can instantly submit a request for memo without ever leaving the app, or more importantly, without ever leaving the customer. Once that request is received, the Sales Genie routes the memo request to the store’s buyer via email for review and approval, allowing maximum inventory control.

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