Ali Pastorini’s Candid Take On Indian Jewellery Manufacturing

ALI PASTORINI provides her insights into the progress of Indian jewellery manufacturers, discussing their strengths and areas for potential enhancement. Solitaire International had the opportunity to interview her during the recently concluded Gem & Jewellery Buyer-Seller Meet, hosted by GJEPC in late September.

Ali Pastorini, a trailblazing first-generation jeweller, has carved an illustrious path in the diverse world of the jewelry industry, earning recognition as one of its eminent figures on a global scale. Her journey, which began as a jewellery designer and entrepreneur, led her to establish her own jewellery company, Del Lima Jewelry, in 2012. Today, Del Lima Jewelry boasts a presence in nine different locations across Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Ali Pastorini’s vivacious personality is as notable as her accomplishments. Known for her forthright and professional approach, she wears many hats, seamlessly transitioning between roles as a businessperson, executive, and market consultant. Her remarkable ascent includes breaking the glass ceiling when she assumed the role of Senior Vice President of the World Jewelry Hub, Latin America’s first Diamond Exchange, in 2015. Leveraging this influential position, Ali founded the Mubri Association in 2016, which has since expanded its presence to 17 countries, establishing itself as a leading jewellers association.

Mubri’s diverse membership includes wholesalers, retailers, independent designers, and students, and the association actively participates in exhibitions worldwide, including those organised by GJEPC. Mubri’s primary focus is forging strong alliances and bringing buyer delegations to trade shows to build strong networking ties and promote the jewellery industry across the world.

Tell us more about your impressions of the recent Buyer-Seller Meet held in Mumbai by the GJEPC in late September 2023…

On my visit this time, and over the past few years, I have been confident about the inventory displayed at the BSMs by Indian exhibitors. Actually, Indian jewellery manufacturing firms have been producing better quality jewellery than most countries. The manufacturing firms here have embraced technology, promoted innovation, and are creating novel jewellery designs.

But my objective was to apprise my buyer delegation about India’s expertise and emphasize that it is not just about competitive pricing but also about exceptional quality and finish. India is actively seeking new ways and solutions to elevate the quality of goods in the sector, and international visitors and companies are increasingly recognising the value of establishing business deals with Indian manufacturers.

All over the world, we are witnessing economic challenges in our gem and jewellery sector whether it is the USA or China. But it is remarkable that India is looking for new ways and solutions to make a difference in bringing quality goods to the sector and am glad to see that finally the international visitors or companies understand that it is important to start making business deals with Indian manufacturers to purchase their inventory.

So, you received positive feedback from your buyers….

Yes. I was delighted. Not just during the visit to the BSM but also the subsequent Diamond Week at the Bharat Diamond Bourse. Confidence levels among foreign buyers have risen, leading to the booking of small orders and a gradual increase in purchases from India.

What are views about the design factor concerning Indian manufacturers?

There are some Indian companies who are already taking the risk in terms of offering offbeat designs in international markets. I’d advise Indian manufacturers to step out of their comfort zone and surprise global buyers with unique and innovative designs, leveraging India’s abundant talent and technological prowess. I’d like to quote an example of a prominent Indian jewellery company whose new and different line was an immediate success when exhibited in Brazil, as customers were captivated by its originality.

Are foreign companies exploring the possibility of outsourcing their manufacturing to Indian companies? Yes, some Indian companies are collaborating with clients from Spain, Portugal, Panama, Brazil … However, I’d say that this process is evolving gradually.

As a global jewellery consultant what is your advice to Indian manufacturers?

Exercise patience and thoroughly study the regions one aims to penetrate. Success in new markets takes time and requires building relationships, understanding each company’s ethos and design preferences, assimilating the culture of the target region, and adapting to its jewelry buying patterns and tax structures.

Participating in curated shows or trade exhibitions abroad is not a shortcut to overnight success but rather a means to build the confidence of international buyers over time.

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