Our New Lightweight Diamond Lines Are Trendy & Timeless

Viral Kothari, Founder and MD, Kosha Fine Jewels, speaks about how his company has been in step with the times to cater to the new generation. Kothari is confident that his new lightweight diamond lines will be a hit at IIJS Premiere.

All diamond jewellery pieces featured on this page are by Kosha Fine Jewels

Tell us about the jewellery collections that you will be showcasing at IIJS Premiere. What is the product design best suited for current consumer demand?

This year at IIJS we are launching the Cube collection, which is inspired by the symmetrical ancient Indian structures highlighting the perfection of each side of the motif. Like the cubes fit into each other precisely, our pieces will be a perfect match to showcase your personality. The collection is elegant and timeless and will be appreciated by every generation. Apart from this we also have several new designs which we will be revealing at the show.

Are you targeting the bridal jewellery segment?

No, we aren’t targeting the bridal segment. For now, we are focusing on lightweight everyday jewellery, but in the future, we will explore this segment as well.

Could you tell us about the technical details to reduce the content of gold in lightweight jewellery?

In today’s time technology has advanced drastically and with the precision of machines it makes it easy for us to reduce the excess metal weight in jewellery. Post that, our artisans also work by hand to ensure proper finish and reduction of the gold waste.

What is trending in India in terms of diamond jewellery (cuts, colour, clarity, carats, etc.)?

Every year something new and exciting is introduced in our field, be it in the technology or design sector. We are noticing that consumers are aware of the different types of diamond cuts. Earlier, they restricted themselves to round or princess cut, but now our customers are open to exploring various options. When it comes to colour, clarity and carats, it is subjective as it depends on the budget of our customers.

How are you addressing the jewellery preferences of Millennials and Gen Z?

The one thing that I’ve noticed in my 25 years of being in this business is that millennials and Gen Z have a very specific aesthetic in jewellery. They are more attracted towards everyday jewellery, which is light in weight and worth its price. They believe in the art of being subtle. We have modified our designs to make it look chic but at the same time elegant. Our lightweight collection has been a complete success, and looking at it now, we feel the coming generations will also prefer such kind of jewellery as it is so delicate and charming.

Any other comment you would like to share.

We are extremely elated to be a part of IIJS Premiere this year, and we are looking forward to making this show a success and connecting with many likeminded people! All the best to the participants.

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