Captivating Beauties @ Couture 2022

Our special US correspondent Smitha Sadanandan gives us an overview of some of the dazzling collections unveiled at COUTURE 2022.

For the better part of two years, events and trade shows were cancelled or held on a small scale. This year, the COUTURE 2022 Show felt like a return to normality. Jewellery designers are finding ways to bring back sparkle to the show. The preview on 8th June, 2022 gave editors the chance to meet with designers and browse through the new collections and to-be unveiled collaborations. As the evening rolled by, an enthusiasm to reunite in person was apparent. The shared appreciation for excellence in design and craftsmanship established a celebratory reunion among this tight-knit community, observed industry experts.

“It feels fantastic to be back at the Wynn Las Vegas,” says Gannon Brousseau, COUTURE Director and EVP, Emerald. “Our new event space is a phenomenal backdrop for the exceptional collections of our talented designers and brands and having the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company in person is invaluable.”

According to Yael Reinhold from Reinhold Jewelers in Puerto Rico, “the show has such positive energy.” She adds: “Everyone is so happy to be back and really eager to buy! I am seeing so much incredible jewellery; I’m delighted to be here.”

Read our show report to discover the new collections launched at the exhibition:


Mumbai-based Vishal Kothari of VAK Jewels unveiled a new collection entitled, Unchained. Colourful, playful, dynamic and maverick, the collection is accented with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and multi-coloured diamonds and features the designer’s signature reverse set gemstones.

Gold hoops stippled with emeralds. By VAK Jewels

“Unchained represents a sense of freedom. The collection is infused with a contemporary cool that makes the hoops indispensable. The idea is to work them back into a women’s wardrobe,” he says.

This contemporary series has its own unique and whimsical design vocabulary. The assortment of hoops, available in six sizes, is crafted in 18-karat rose, white, yellow, and blackened gold. The Unchained line features earrings, rings and bracelets made in 18-karat gold and set with emerald rubies, blue sapphires and diamonds. The choker necklaces that are hot off the bench are statement pieces.

A curvy bracelet dotted with rubies. By VAK Jewels

“I believe in slow luxury and create artisanal handcrafted jewellery with rare gemstones handpicked by me. Each piece is handmade by artisans in my atelier in Mumbai. I create from the heart; my inspiration draws on nature, architecture – and little things around me that make me smile. Unchained – my latest collection to be unveiled at COUTURE – represents a sense of freedom and takes the design forward with its contemporary vocabulary of reverse-set diamonds on gold,” adds Vishal.


The new Hoops and Loops collection by Saboo Fine Jewels draws on the idea of functionality. “The single hoops can be worn as a stud; diamond loops or connectors can be attached to the hoops to add on length and transform the earrings into two-piece or three-piece drop earrings,” informs Pranay Saboo. The coloured titanium earrings are paired with a matching pendant necklace.

Hoops and Loops titanium earrings. By Saboo Fine Jewels

“The extraordinary collection specialises in one-of-a-kind pieces with innovation in technology and design, from titanium jewels to the signature ‘fusion’ cut diamonds.” The brand also unveiled new nature inspired rings and earrings, including a statement piece – the flower earrings in titanium features diamond accents, and a cascade of multi-colour rough cut diamonds.


Among the beautiful pieces unveiled by 64 Facets were diamond cocktail rings. The shield-shaped ring features the brand’s signature rose-cut diamonds. The subtle rose gold ring is accented with brilliant-cut diamonds in a micro-pave setting. The diamond sprinkled shank adds additional sparkle to the cocktail ring. The Eclat Spiked ring perfectly embodies audacity, modernity and femininity.

Eclat diamond spiked ring in white gold. By 64 Facets

“As the French word evokes, the Eclat spiked diamond ring is radiant and bright. Like an explosion of light, rose-cut diamonds scatter shimmering rays throughout the room,” says Gaurav Soni, Head of Operations and Marketing.

Stardust Astral statement ring in yellow gold. By 64 Facets

The latest addition to their Stardust collection features a statement piece in 18-karat gold speckled with sustainable brilliant-cut diamonds, with the design evoking a starry night. The band ring is available in 18-karat white, rose or yellow gold.


Syna brought an assortment of new pieces to this year’s show. “We always have our chakras that we have been doing since years. We loved the evil eye when it was put together. And it became one of our most popular designs. Our collectors started to layer bicycles, flower charms, and owls. So, we added on ‘little luxuries’ with a range of charm options and also designed Charm Sets with small holders to group together our lovely 18-karat gold charms,” says Dharmesh Kothari, the brand’s co-founder.

Charming pendants. By SYNA

The designers celebrated the beauty of moon quartz with earrings, rings and bracelets in a new limited-edition line accented with diamond bubble motifs.

Limited edition Moonstone bracelets. By SYNA


Abu Dhabi-based award-winning designer Tariq Riaz showcased his latest collection Life Science. “In nature there is mathematics, the sacred geometry of life. These are the patterns that manifest in music, cells, architecture and light. This collection takes its inspiration from the place where art and science dance together: the rigorous patterns that animate the natural world,” explains Tariq.

The Circle of Life earrings. By Tariq Riaz

Organic shapes have been isolated and replicated to create ingeniously articulated elements on the circle that seem to move when the wearer moves. The Circle Of Life collection from the main series comprises earrings, rings and bracelets that are crafted in 18-karat gold and diamonds, and accented with enamel in pastels as well as bright colours.

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