Zoya: A Decade of Luxury

Zoya, the diamond boutique from the House of Tata, revisits the past decade to showcase some of its masterpieces and celebrate the artistry of its design team.

The famous luxury brand Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, enters its tenth year of existence and the journey has so far been glorious.

The distinctive collections in gold, diamonds and gemstones, take birth in its atelier – and from creation to realising them is a journey that is refined at every stage. The end result? The pieces are singular and highlight a heady blend of design, style and superior craftsmanship. Traditional crafts are given a contemporary spin and the myriad gem cuts display the virtuosity of its artisans.

Feast your eyes on these important pieces from Zoya’s decade-long journey:

The Eiffel Tower Bangle

The Musee du Luxe collection pays homage to the City of Love, Paris. Inspired by the iconic Eiffel Tower, the bangle interprets the latticed structure of the tower with rose gold mesh and the night lights with brilliant-cut diamonds. Emerald-cut tanzanites are set on a bed of diamonds on the chamfered end to complement the rose gold. The tanzanite slopes with grace on unequal prongs, a technical feat that enables the stones to disperse the light in a way that recreates the Parisian night sky bathed in a sea of twinkling stars.


The sensual La Duna Rosa from the Espana collection draws inspiration from the exotic Spanish flamenco dancers. The petals are imbued with micro-pave diamonds, set with such extreme precision that the prongs holding them melt into invisibility. Each petal is shaded with 1,300

champagne and white diamonds, while the pink chequered tourmaline reflects the beauty of a rose in bloom, recreating the unbridled passion of the flamenco dancer.


The Peonies white gold ring from the Musee du Luxe collection is set in a gradient of diamonds and rubies with the micro-pave technique.


The crescent-shaped gold earrings decorated with floral motifs give a nod to the Baroque art. Each rose petal has been hand carved by Zoya’s master craftsmen in an exquisite demonstration of the intricate chittai work. Etched with two polkis and pearls strung in pirohi to accentuate the shape, the earrings make a seductive statement.


In an ode to the Greek legend, Archane, the golden weaver, each minuscule turquoise piece is individually custom-cut and placed by lapidary artists in a complex web of gold that encases it, immortalising every facet of the wondrous tale.


Actress Anita Page defined the glamour of the 1920s with her braided hair and flapper dresses. Here is Zoya’s take on her iconic braids – the yellow and white gold necklace from Zoya’s 6299 Hollywood Blvd collection, is set with baguette diamonds and a focuses on a 9-carat emerald. The braids are technically mastered for flexibility so it sits well on the neck.


The symmetrical lines of the Florence Baptistery are envisioned with contemporary accents. Flawless amethysts have been custom cut in tapering octagon shapes and carefully grooved before being cushioned in the earring in a striking geometry of ink gold.


The majestic oxidised gold hasli from the Banaras collection features the lotus elaborately etched in nakashi, while uncut

diamonds adorn its leaves. Each petal of the lotus is enamelled with Gulabi Meenakari, and then individually soldered with a thin border of gold. A golden leaf crafted with chittai offers a delicate contrast to dew drops of uncut diamonds rolling off it.


Inspired by the Sudarshan Chakra, the serrated spinning disc used by Lord Vishnu or his avatar Krishna, this gold bangle set with diamonds features raised elements to depict the sharp edges of the chakra, set with scintillating polki tips. Engraved using the traditional art of partaj, this timeless masterpiece is chiselled with floral and leaf motifs. The partaj is achieved by a combination of hand and machine carving to lend it an elegant look.

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