Piyush Goyal

Hon’ble Minister for Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs,

Food & Public Distribution & Textiles, Government of India

His adept handling of complex issues like Excise has garnered admiration from the Government, jewelers, and the public. His proactive and meticulous approach to resolving GST challenges and steering initiatives like the India-UAE CEPA, enhancing gold jewelry exports, stands as a testament to his vision, especially amid challenging times. The implementation of the Mandatory Hallmarking Scheme for Gold Jewellery and coining the HUID, a unique feature in the world, marked a pivotal moment for the industry, benefiting both customers and businesses alike. His leadership and personal involvement in revolutionizing SEEPZ Mumbai through Mega CFC and Nest1 & 2 demonstrates your dedication to growth and operational excellence. Digitizing certificates and licenses from DGFT to exporters has streamlined processes, while his initiative like ONDC for exports via e-commerce has broadened the industry's global reach. The grant of Rs. 242 Crore to IIT Madras for Lab-Grown Diamonds (LGD) research speaks highly of his commitment to sustainable industry development, reinforcing India’s global prominence as a leading gem and jewelry sourcing destination for the world for years to come.

Pramod Agarwal

His visionary leadership spearheading initiatives that reshaped the landscape, from establishing Common Facility Centres across the nation to elevating IIJS to unprecedented heights. Notably, his guidance led to the inception of a world-class laboratory in Jaipur, the impactful Cluster Mapping Project, and the crucial establishment of a hostel for IIGJ. His continued contributions as Chairman of the National Gem & Jewellery Council of India serve as a beacon of inspiration for us all, solidifying his legacy as a transformative leader shaping the industry's future.

Rajesh Kalyanaraman

Executive Director - Kalyan Jewellers

His journey from establishing a single showroom in 1993 to crafting a network of outlets spanning India and West Asia stands as a testament to his dedication and visionary leadership at Kalyan Jewellers. Kalyan Jewellers' strong presence across 21 states and union territories, with over 120 showrooms covering major cities and the innovative 'My Kalyan' hub-and-spoke model, ensuring accessibility even to rural areas, speaks volumes of his strategic acumen. As of June 30, 2020, the 30 showrooms in the GCC, spanning UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman, further throw spotlight on your global impact.

Shailesh Sangani

Founder & Managing Director at Priority Jewels

A celebrated stalwart in the gems and jewellery industry, Shailesh Sangani, the Founder of Priority Jewels is powered by foresight, intellectual acuity and a strong vision. An outstanding champion of new learning and reforms, he is regarded as one of the most acclaimed and influential pioneers of the industry. Mr. Sangani was the Convener of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), an apex body formed by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Fondly known as Shailesh Bhai amongst his peers, he has stayed relevant through a period of industry transformation by facing the steepest challenges with grit and determination. As a result, he is acknowledged as an industry advisor and mentor to many entrepreneurs and companies. Mr. Sangani, who has led several path-breaking initiatives in the jewellery industry, drives the strategic direction of Priority Jewels.

Shri Vipul Bansal

Joint Secretary

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Government of India, New Delhi

He had been instrumental in orchestrating the revision of duty drawback rates, bringing a much-needed relief to the industry after a three-year wait. His successful negotiations with the G7 team spared diamonds less than 1 carat from sanctions, was a crucial milestone. Moreover, his proactive efforts to advance the lab-grown diamond sector are truly commendable. His influential negotiations secured nil duty for lab-grown seeds and a substantial ₹242 crore grant for a five-year research endeavor at IIT Madras.

Biju Patnaik

Senior Vice President at ABN AMRO

His dedication to operationalizing the Diamond Dollar Account is remarkable. There are numerous such initiatives that he has undertaken, helping the Indian diamond industry become the superpower globally. Through crises like the 2008-19 downturn, he supported the industry. His adept analytical skills and strong connections within government circles have swiftly resolved policy bottlenecks, signifying his immense contribution.

G K Pillai

Chairman of Drawback and RoDTEP Committee

Former Home Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs of India

Over the last many years, in his various capacities, he has been a strong advocate for the gems and jewelry industry, successfully addressing numerous industry issues. Amidst the global recession of 2008, he orchestrated a pivotal meeting between the RBI and bankers, urging their support for the diamond industry. Furthermore, the industry is thrilled by the recent revision of Duty Drawback rates on precious metals after 3 years under the Chairmanship of the Duty Drawback Committee.

Govind Bhai Dholakia

Founder at Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. & SRK Knowledge Foundation

Born in a remote village of Dudhala located in Gujarat, He has a humble and rooted beginning. His journey commenced in 1964 as he set out towards Surat, Gujarat, not only to support his family, but also with a dream in his eyes to outperform, and since then his legacy has conveyed it all.

With Trust in his Friendship, Belief in God, and Faith in his own abilities, in 1970 he founded Shree Ram Krishna Exports (SRK), now a leading diamond crafting company. Diamond is God for him; and such guiding principles and philosophy have become the core foundation to what SRK is today.

Joy Alukkas

Chairperson – Joyalukkas Group

Joy Alukkas launched his own Joyalukkas brand, which now has 100 outlets spread across India and 60 overseas with over 9000 employees. The group also owns the world's largest gold jewellery retail outlet in Chennai. According to the press statement released by the jewellery group, Joyalukkas has reported a turnover of ₹14,513 crore in FY2023, with a net profit of ₹899 crore in India. The chairman has planned to take the total India showroom count to 130 and is in the process of expanding its North India footprint.

K. Srinivasan


Since the inception of his company, his singular objective has been to establish it as the foremost jewelry manufacturer globally. Over time, Emerald has evolved into a hub on the verge of achieving this zenith. Upholding an unwavering commitment to quality and design, he has consistently fostered relentless innovation to ensure the constant delivery of excellence.

Nirupa Bhatt

She is remarkable in overseeing the successful launch of GIA India laboratories in Mumbai and Surat and spearheading GIA education programs in the country. Beyond her professional commitments, she is actively engaged with The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), steadfastly working towards the industry growth.