The Global Phenomenon

In 2021 Global CO2 emissions grew 4.8%, reaching 34.9 billion tonnes of CO2. The increase in carbon emission only added to the climatic change, causing extreme weather conditions like tropical storms, wildfires, severe droughts, and heat waves, negatively affecting crop production and causing disruption to the natural habitats. The time has come to do our bit to reduce carbon footprints to make the world a better inhabitable place.

GJEPC's Role in Preserving Mother Earth

GJEPC is committed to contributing to Mother Earth while creating a conducive ecosystem for our valued gem and jewellery members. We are introducing the “ONE EARTH” initiative to treasure Planet Earth, in association with SankalpTaru Foundation. As a part of our initiative, we aim to preserve nature, plant more trees and generate income for our nation's farmers.

The Appeal

IIJS Signature 2023 will be contributing for plantation of 5000 trees as a part of shared responsibility towards the ONE EARTH initiative. At just Rs. 155/- per tree, you can contribute generously to planting more and more trees, and the proceeds would go to SankalpTaru Foundation. They will, in turn, utilize the fund to generate income for a farmer, enabling him to earn approximately Rs. 10,000/- in 20 years. The tree plantation drive will be instrumental in securing the future of our country's millions of farmers.

All contributors are eligible to receive an 80G certificate.

Join us in this initiative to collectively engage in nurturing ONE EARTH.